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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Flower Bean Leisure Sofa

Item Code : IKD0102131C     Price : 199.00

Size: 100cm Diameter, Height:45-50cm

Material: PU leather Cover ( thick non-woven fabric bottom)

Application: Patio, Garden, outdoor living, Bedroom, Living Room

Item exclude particles as this will add the item weight and increase price.

Delivery time 6 - 14 days

Portable Folding Picnic Table

Item Code : IKD0102131B     Price : RM359.00

This aluminium camping table and seat set is both practical and portable! It's a durable table perfect for all kinds of occassions. Bring it around with you on camping or beach trips or set it up in your front yard for home parties. Whatever you do, this foldable picnic table is here to give you the highest amount of convenience.
It's foldable into a suitcase which can then be opened up into a table fit for 4 people! It's the perfect table for your camping comfort. 
  • Material : ABS Plastic, Aluminium Alloy Frame
  • Seat Size : 30 x 27 x 40 (cm)
  • Table Size : 85.5 x 135 x 66 (cm)
  • Folded Package Size : 87 x 11 x 39 (cm)
  • Weight: 7.1kg
  • Colour : Blue
  • Product come with 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Free Shipping within West Malaysia

Japanese Multifunction Rely Waist Pillow

Item Code : IKD010213A     Price : RM109.00

Free Nationwide Delivery

2 to 3 weeks delivery lead time

Fancy a plush you can hug, sit on, flop on, or lean against without fear of squishing or deforming it? Wonder no longer as the Comfortable Support Pillow is here to save the day! With a unique shape that ensures your back and arms can be properly supported, you can now use it to your heart's desire!

It's soft, comfortable, and steady. You'll never stop using it once you have it!

Available in Brown, Blue, Pink, White & Black , pls choose

Support yourself comfortably
Hug it, lean against it, sit on it
Comfortable plush pillow
Arm and back support
Perfect reading companion
Weight: 1.5kg

Casa Blanca Lazy Chair

Item Code : IKD310113B     Price : RM599.00

Product Description:
Please choose Red or Black

Dimensions: 32” (H) x 65” (L)
Material: Polyvinyl chloride, hard wood, and high density foam
Design: deep-button 

Back Pillow:
Dimensions: 19” (L) x 14” (H)
Material: Fabric and synthetic leather
Colour: White and red, or white and black

Free Delivery to West Malaysia. No Delivery to East Malaysia / Island in Malaysia

Six Tiers Multipurpose Storage Rack with Washable Cover

Item Code : IKD310113     Price : RM109.00

Free delivery with West Malaysia

16 mm diameter steel tube with powder coating, non-woven replaceable (can be gently washed by hand) cloth cover, plastic connectors.

Size: 60 cm (L) * 30 cm (W) * 105cm (H).

Lightweight and portable.

Lightweight frame with removable and washable non-woven cover.

Portable that makes it great to clean the floor.


Zip-up cover comes with 8 medium sized pockets (4 on each side).

Perfect for magazines, newspapers and slippers!

Zip up to keep your things unviewable and keeps your room neat.

Dust proof from all sides.

Few lighter stuff can be placed on top of the rack giving the 7th Tier.

Can be used to keep books, clothes, shoes or anything!quick and easy to assemble .

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Little Bean Talking Infrared Thermometer (English Talking)

Item Code : IKD2812121C     Price : RM159.00
- Voice out measurement taken
- Stores 20 temperature records
- Display current date and time
- Built-in LED with light function
- Can be used for ear and forehead measurements

Suitable for use of the whole family


Yippie Baby Swing

Item Code : IKD2812121B     Price : RM199.00
Fun time for your little one

Little Bean Safety Gate with 2 Way Swing Back

Item Code : IKD2812121A     Price : RM219.00  

1. Swing Close and locked automatically
2. Open in both ways
3. Product Size : 74~87cm x 74cm
4. Easy One hand operation
5. Pressure Mounted
6. 90 degree stop mechanism - Door Can keep open in 90 degree if desired
7. Detachable pedal
8.Optional Extension %2814/28cm%29

Sunday, 25 November 2012

New Inflatable Swim Rings Baby Kids Toddler Seats Garden Spa Swimming Tubes Pool

Item Code : IKD2509121A     Price : RM239.00

  • Can immediately inflatable inflatable products purchased back, but the first 8 hours after filling gas (preferably 12 hours) before they can use, the first inflatable, inflatable should not exceed 80%, the gas chamber drawstrings, and stitched that needs to be a buffer process
  • First inflated within 24 hours, usually inflatable products will be somewhat lax, this is a normal phenomenon, because the material of the chamber is slightly flexible, fully charged gas, some up became pale and soft, will feel relax, refillable reach after the desired effect, but not to cheer fed
  • Any inflatable products (including tires) will be natural gas leakage, which is a normal phenomenon, note that the timing supplementary gas
  • Ensure the formation of the ground, without excessive friction and sharp objects
  • Sticky wet with soapy water cleaning cloth can be easily washed, can not use a hair dryer, washing machine, do not use chemical agents, washing powder or any other abrasive powder
  • Material: Thick PVC
  • Wight:  about 800g
  • Inner Ring Diameter:  about 70 cm(28")
  • Outer Ring Diameter:  about 90 cm(36")
  • Pool Height:  about 30 cm(12”)
  • Inflatable Ring thickness:  about  20 cm
  • Color:  Blue / Orange (Send in random)
Package included:
  • 1 x Swimming Tubes Pool

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Build N Roll 30 Construction Set

Item Code : IKD1411121K     Price : RM139.00

Product Description
The pieces can be easily assembled and disassembled to create any imaginable form. This set comes with a screw driver.
  How to play
  • Guidelines are provided in the set Children will enjoy twisting and turning in order to assemble the parts together as per the guidelines helping to develop fine motor skill, concentration and eye-hand coordination.  
  • Parents can teach children to observe and estimate through trial and error and solve problems helping to develop their AQ.
  • Parents can ask children to name their work/achievement, providing opportunity to interact helping to stimulate confidence and expressing themselves more freely and also developing language skill. 
  • To add more fun, children can play with 60 construction set, Build N Roll, 50Unit Block and  Unit Building Blocks
    Parents should praise children when they can do it and advice if they are not able to do so.
Unit 35 mm

Build N Roll Construction Set

Item Code : IKD1411121H     Price : RM209.00

The pieces can be easily assembled and disassembled to create any imaginable form. This set comes with a screw driver and a wrench.
  How to play
  • Guidelines are provided in the set. Children will enjoy twisting and turning in order to assemble the parts together as per the guidelines helping to develop fine motor skill, concentration and eye-hand coordination.
  • With even more pieces, this set provides opportunity for children to design and assemble in other designs according to their endless imagination helping to develop their intellectual and creativity. 
  • Parents can tell stories about the occupation of woodman , teach children about the tools related to this occupation and the correct way of using the tools for safety reasons. Invite children to role play helping language development as well.
  • Children can play with others helping to learn how to play with others, waiting for their turn, sharing and helping others developing their social skill.
  • To add more fun, children can play with 30 construction set, Build N Roll, 50Unit Block and Unit Building Blocks.
Unit 35 mm.

Colourful Doll House

Item Code : IKD1411121G     Price : RM199.00
Product Description:

Age - 4+
Product Size: 41x41x9cm

Delivery 7 - 10 days. Item imported from China

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Doll House

Item Code : IKD14111F     Price : RM169.00
Product Description:
Age - 4+
Product Size: 41x41x9cm
Delivery 7 - 10 days. Item imported from China

Planetarium Play House

Item Code : IKD1411121E     Price : RM279.00

Product Description:
Fabric: 100% spun-bonded 
Padding: Polyester hollow-fill fiber 
Frame: Patented fiberglass poles with protective plastic coating
Size : 55¡± H x 48¡± Diameter

Going Bananas Monkey Kids House

Item Code : IKD14111D     Price : RM239.00

Product Description:

Body : 100% Non woven material.
Roof: 100% Non woven material.
Padding: 100% Polyester hollow-fill fiber.
Frame : Patented fiber glass pole.
Size : 38¡¯¡¯ L x 30¡¯¡¯ W x 44¡¯¡¯ H

48¡± Bouncer / Trampoline

Item Code : IKD1411121C     Price : RM339.00

Product Description:

3 colour to choose  :Orange, Blue & Pink
# 3.5¡¯¡¯ Galvanized Spring (30).
# Easy to assemble topsail system.
# Rust resistant galvanized steel frame.
# Handle adjust easily to two different sizes.
# Oversized frame pad includes mounting.
# Scrap to secure pad
Size : 48¡± Diameter
Weight : 9.3 Kg.

Kids Play Tunnel

Item Code : IKD1411121B     Price : RM99.00
Product Description:

Made from Polyster
- Comes with two mesh windows
- Tunnel folds flat for easy storage
Size : 6¡inch ± x 19¡inch±

Children Dome Play Tent

Item Code : IKD14111A     Price : RM99.00

Product Description:

# Nylon Taffeta Acrylic Coated.
# I Shape front door.
# Back Ventilation.

Monday, 12 November 2012

10 Levels Shoe Rack

Item Code : IKD1311121A     Price : RM99.00
Product Description:
Free delivery within Peninsular Malaysia.

Multi-tiered vertical shoe organizer.
Slim and lightweight design allows storage in tight spaces.
Easy-to-clean steel frame and durable plastic sides.
Organize and display your shoes at the same time!

Let’s face it ladies one pair of shoes is never enough, there will always be new designs and patterns and not to mentioned the discounts you can get on a killer pair of stilettos during a sale. Hiding them away in a box under the bed will only render them useless not to mention it will be hard for you to keep track of what you have.
Get your shoes organized with today’s Groupme.  The Space Saving Shoe Rack allows you to organize your shoes as well as displaying them at the same time.  This multi –tier shoe rack can hold up to 30 pairs of shoes, it is slim and lightweight design allows storage in tight places.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Foldable Memory Foam Futon Chair

Item Code : IKD0611121B     Price : RM219.00

Product Description:

Free Delivery with West Malaysia

Available Colours to choose : Black / Brown / Camel / Red / Green / Light Blue / Cream

Foldable futon made of coral fleece and memory foam stuffing
6 adjustable joints for customised angles and 14 different degrees of fine adjustment of sofa slope for optimal comfort
Provides support for spine, neck, and waist
Detachable and washable cover, and is easy to store

Adjustable Bedside Table

Item Code : IKD0611121A     Price : RM99.00

Product Description:
The perfect bedside table or side table for couches & sofas!
A convenient place for your TV remote, food & beverages, nooks, lamps, laptops & phones.
Can be used on any bed including bunk beds, water beds & RV beds.
Perfect dorm rooms & can also be used in the living room.
Replaces bulky nightstands.
Adjustable leg height from 13inch – 17inch to match any size mattress.
Light weight and portable, folds and stacks easily for storage.
Color: Black  

Is there never enough room on your nightstand? Introducing My Bedside Table, a lightweight and portable table to place your books, laptop, food and beverage, TV remote, phone and more. Simply slip in between your mattress and box spring and adjust to match any size of mattress. My Bedside Table can be placed anywhere on the bed and can be used with any type of bed include bunk beds, water beds, motorhome and caravan beds and is perfect for dorm rooms.

My Bedside Table easily assembles in minutes and does not require any tools. The lightweight modular design allows for portability and easy storage. My Bedside Table is your essential bedside companion. 

 The My Bedside Table's top is constructed of a heavy duty durable non-slip plastic and

measures dimensions: 42 (W) x 31 (L) x 3.5 (D)cm